The Jr. NBA Philosophy (Jr. NBA理念)

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The Jr. NBA Philosophy (Jr. NBA理念)

Launched in October 2015, the Jr. NBA is the official youth basketball participation program of the NBA. The Jr. NBA targets boys and girls who are passionate about basketball and emphasizes teaching the fundamentals of the game and the character values that come from playing basketball. The pillars of the Jr. NBA include:

正式推出于2015年10月,Jr. NBA是推出于2015年10月推出的为NBA官方青少年篮球参与官方计划。Jr. NBA面向针对对篮球运动有热激情的男孩和女孩们,强调教授篮球的基本功功和从并从运动过程中逐渐塑造优秀的人格品质打 篮球中获得的珍贵品德。Jr. NBA的核心价值包括:

• FUNdamentals – Teaching basic basketball skill development in a positive, encouraging and fun environment is rewarding for all involved

以乐趣为基础 寓教于乐– 在积极的,鼓舞鼓励的,有趣的环境下教授篮球的相关基础知识是一件令所有人都受益匪浅的事情

• Hard Work – Emphasizing how to compete – with a focus on working hard and competing to the best of your ability – is more important than the outcome of games won and lost

拼搏 -– 强调如何竞争强调竞技的本质,,“专注于拼搏,一定要拼尽全尽自己所能进行拼搏力”是比比赛竞赛输赢的结果更为重要的事情

• Respect – Exhibiting a positive attitude toward players, coaches, parents, officials and teammates is how we honor the game and each other

尊重 – 对选手,教练,家长,裁判官员领导和队友所展现出的积极正面的态度,即是对比赛和彼此的尊重展示出积极正面的态度是我们如何赋予比赛和彼此荣誉

• Sportsmanship – Playing the right way, the Jr. NBA Way, is centered on fair, ethical and honest competition

体育精神 – 以正确的方式,Jr. NBA的方式参与篮球比赛,即秉持公正,道德和诚实的原则竞技


• Teamwork – Working together in a supportive manner for a common goal fosters positive social and personal development

团队合作 – 在团队中相互支持,为共同的目标努力,塑造积极积极向上的个性


• Healthy Living – Exercising regularly benefits both mind and body – leading to better health outcomes, greater energy levels, and enhanced classroom performance

健康生活 – “定期运动有益于身心” – 不仅获得更健康的体魄和更饱满的精神能量,也更有利于学业的发展最 终通向更健康的结果,更佳的身体能量状态和课堂发挥的提升